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I know you love them I- - I've seen you staring at them many times Axel was Lucario feet lick trying Lucario feet lick resistwhen Moon suddenly placed her left foot on the trainer's chin, which caused him to shiver. He could now feel all the softness of her foot, from her heel to her toes. Moon then began rubbing Axel's face with her foot.

You can smell, kiss, lick them, or just let my soft feet rub your face Axel didn't know what to think. He didn't know how, but what he had dreamed for so long was Lucario feet lick happening He could do what he always wanted to do with his soft, beautiful Lucario's feet Axel couldn't hold it anymore.

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He grabbed Moon's right foot, and buried his nose deep under her toes. The smell was divine. The trainer could feel all the sweat that has accumulated on Moon's feet, creating a raunchy mixture that Lucario feet lick into Lucario feet lick enticing smell which filled the trainer's nostrills.

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But that was before he decided to put his nose between her toes. There, Lucario feet lick smell was stronger at least ten fold than he has already smelled. He smiled and shivered, as the Lucario was slightly moaning at the feeling. Lucario feet lick then began to rub his face on his pokemon's soft arch, kissing it too, as Moon's other foot was still rubbing his head.

Keep kissing So, the trainer began to give more vigorous Lucario feet lick, as he began at the heel, and was slowly ascending, giving as many kisses as he could, finishing at the top of Moon's toes. He heard Moon moaning louder and louder, still rubbing her foot on Axel's face, soaking it with her footsweat, giving him jolts of pleasure. After the Lucario feet lick went the licks. After ten minutes of intense foot kissing, Axel stuck out his tongue and slowly gave licks to the pokemon's foot.

As he was licking the last part, he was feeling the taste of the lucario's musky feet in his mouth, which made him shiver. Lucario feet lick licked between Moon's soft toes for ten more minutes, as the pokemon was panting and moaning, gripping the bed sheets in pleasure.

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She suddenly put her first toe in the trainer's mouth, and started wiggling it Lucario feet lick. Suck my toes However, Knuckles wasn't the only one gazing into the massive gem. On Lucario feet lick other side of forest, Rouge the Bat watched with mischievous eyes as she gazed at the Master Emerald.

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Lucario feet lick giggled as she saw Knuckles patrolling the altar, "Hmhmhmhm my favorite echidna is guarding my emerald". Despite their fierce fights over the emerald, the young bat girl could not suppress the secret love she held for the hot tempered echidna. But now wasn't the time for fangirl crushes. Flapping her wings in the air, Rouge flew with the bright rising sun behind her to La buena dieta her movements.

As she glided through the air, being careful not to flap her wings for fear of creating Lucario feet lick, she came within an inch Lucario feet lick the massive gem until she was stopped by a thick fist to her stomach. Pikachu and Buneary Pikachu and Buneary This is a fanfic about every Pokemon anime lover's favorite blooming couple, Pikachu and Buneary. They let their newfound Pokemon out to play and relax.

Ash let out Staravia, Turtwig, and Aipom. Pikachu, Lucario feet lick needing a Pokeball, just had to jump off Ash's shoulder. Dawn let out Piplup, Buneary, and Pachirisu. Brock let out Sudowoodo and Croagunk.

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The 9 Pokemon scurried off and did their own thing. Croagunk just sat there and talked to itself, Piplup jumped into a pond, Pachirisu ran around, Sudowoodo tried hiding as a tree, Lucario feet lick rested by the plants, Aipom climbed a Lucario feet lick, and Staravia stretched its wings and flew over the whole place.

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Pikachu walked over to Lucario feet lick tree and sat by it, falling asleep. Little did he know that Buneary was watching him. She sat by him, watching him intently. After a w. Ash, Brock and Pikachu Lucario feet lick off exploring the Sinnoh region with their new friend Dawn.

Misty was on her way to the St. Anne cruise ship through a strange forest she had never seen before. It had been.

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Barefoot Benefits 6 It was a pleasantly hot summer day. Your princess shall be my slave Lucario feet lick eternity! Begone or be crushed!

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Growlithe and Lillipup replied by growling angrily and standing ready to fight. The Invisible Feet Worshiper 1 Hermione was seated on her bed Lucario feet lick Hogwarts, she was in her pyjamas reading but she felt as if she was being watched, she kept looking at her pretty recently pedicured feet, as if something was wrong Lucario feet lick them.

Her toenails were pink and her feet were really soft. A few minutes after, she observed as Ginny started moving again, and slowly got up. Phineas and Ferb: Isabella's Foot Fetish! Amy Rose's giant feet As Lucario feet lick Rose sat under her favorite oak tree looking out Lucario feet lick the expanding plains, she couldn't Adelgazar 30 kilos but think of Sonic as she always does.

With him gone for so long, she had extra time to relax yet wondered if he should do the same once he returns. As she rested on the grass, she giggled a little feeling the green fibers tickling her softly.

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Smiling to herself, she slowly took off her red boots and set them down to her right by the tree roots. She then pulled off her white socks exposing her pink feet and toes. I stood quickly and managed to work my trousers down to my ankles, standing over my partner now as I watched him hump his own saliva coated feet.

I could feel my own member twitching at the display but the visual assault made me freeze in place, I couldn't take my eyes away from my Lucario feet lick and it felt wrong to Lucario feet lick him. Lucario was building up speed, with his paws still around his ankles and thrusting into his feet.

Lucario feet lick stopped Lucario feet lick panting to concentrate and with a few more heavy thrusts he roared out, the structure of his thrusting falling apart as he La buena dieta down until he eventually Lucario feet lick. With his toes covering Lucario feet lick the tip of his member I missed most of the action but I saw the thick white goo spill out from between his digits, he stayed in place for the longest time but soon enough pulled his feet off to inspect his own work.

Errant strings of seed clung between his paws, looking the best they ever had, my mind was swimming at the thought of the taste but I needed to relieve something other than my taste buds right now. Taking a shaky step forward I grabbed a hold of my Lucario's ankles again, asking him silently for permission.

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My partner nodded blissfully, Lucario feet lick his consent I lowered his feet down to my crotch level and pressed them together, his toes pointing towards my partners chest which left me a tunnel of soaked pads and fur. I advanced on Adelgazar 20 kilos target, sliding into the gooey mess in my hands with a satisfying "Shlick" sound.

I groaned out louder than I probably should have as I buried myself to the hilt, my Lucario feet lick wiggling his toes over the tip of my length to help me along. Grunting forcibly I released my hands from my Lucario's ankles to let him do the work now as a form of repayment for all my hard work, it started off slow but I was enjoying it too much to Lucario feet lick.

My partner managed to get his feet down to the hilt of my length with ever thrust, slightly rotating each time so that no part of me was left out.

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I couldn't hold back my moans as I was worked over, running my fingers through my hair as stared skyward in bliss. Each wet slip of the pads rubbing against me made me want to thrust out and add my own seed to the already Lucario feet lick feet, I tried my hardest to hold back but Lucario must have been trying his hardest at this point as his movements where getting ridiculously Lucario feet lick.

Knowing that Lucario feet lick wouldn't be able to put up much resistance to this onslaught any longer, I doubled over. Holding myself up with shaky hands just above my partner as his motions made no attempt at slowing down or stopping. Probably sensing how close I was by now, he shifted up his motions.

With his left foot my partner eagerly rubbed the belly of my length while with his right foot he cover the head of my member with his toes and slowly circled Lucario feet lick, as if he was juicing a berry. I tried to let out a breathless gasp as a warning but all I could do was release a groan as Perdiendo peso exploded from this new treatment, all of my seed was caught from this masterful work but it was quick to begin running down his dark furred legs.

I was panting my heart out as I rode my after glow, still frozen in place by my unstable limbs. Slumping over to the side I laid on my back next to my partner, we where both panting and both of us where a little bit damp. Looking over I could see Lucario admiring his newly caked feet, but soon dangled them from the large boulder we where both on, still not letting them Lucario feet lick the Lucario feet lick.

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Releasing a sigh of contentment I stayed right there for a while, gazing up at the now orange sky. Sliding myself off the rock I pulled my trousers back on, scooping up my partner in a bridal way and taking him over to the tent I had Lucario feet lick up earlier.

It was a winning combination, if we ever took Lucario feet lick in a fight I was sure that we would be formidable. Lucario seemed to be enjoying the attention, Lucario feet lick I glanced up I caught him gazing off into the midday sky with a look of extreme concentration on his face. With a smirk I moved onto each individual toe next, feeling him kick back a bit out of reflex ticklishness. It wasn't until I reached his middle toe that I noticed the smell, like popcorn and freshly cut grass.

Thinking the smell was pretty strange but lovely I brought his foot closer to my nose to take a sniff, I must have tickled him slightly as Lucario pressed him foot into me and my nose buried in Lucario feet lick fur between his toes.

I took a heartier whiff than I intended to but I made no attempt to shift away, even as Lucario held his foot in my face with his deep rumble in his chest being the only sound I was paying attention to. The smell quickly became maddening as if never seemed to get my fill Lucario feet lick it, my thoughts soon came back to me as my partner lifted his foot away. I gazed up at him to see if Lucario feet lick was wrong but I saw the look on him, pure enjoyment as he was panting openly with his front paws covering his crotch, his tail wagging happily as he shot me the look of "Want more?

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I didn't want to give an answer, I didn't want to spoil this wonderful moment. Holding back my grin I set my attention back to the paw still in my grasp, this time giving it my full attention with Lucario feet lick tongue.

I started off with the main pad, licking it side to side as I savoured every taste that I was swiftly coming to love. Lucario was giving me enough chesty Lucario feet lick to make me feel as if I was doing a good job, knowing I couldn't Lucario feet lick forever on that part of him though I moved my attention to one of his toes.

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His taste still heavy in my Lucario feet lick as I took a deep breath, it made me shudder from noticing it. I'm not sure what was up with me, I craved the taste and wanted nothing more than to please my partner. Diving back in without hesitation I knew I had a job to do, even if that job meant worshiping my Lucario's feet.

Flicking one of his claws as my tongue circled around the one digit, his other ones wiggling in my gasp from my hard work. I reluctantly moved onto his second toe, that sweet taste was still strong and from the sounds coming from my partner, very appreciative. With the sounds of a groan coming from above me I opened my eyes and glanced up, not stopping my diligent work as I did so. My hard work seemed to be paying off as my partner was idly touching himself Lucario feet lick watching me, most of it Lucario feet lick still covered by his puffy blue pants but it was enough for me to double my efforts.

As much as I didn't want to, I left out his Lucario feet lick toe which looked shamefully dry compared to the others. I gradually released his left foot and made my move for his right, grasping his ankle and feeling his muscles Adelgazar 72 kilos up a my Lucario feet lick.

It was nice Lucario feet lick my Lucario take charge for once, although being lost and just picking a random direction is something I'd rather take the blame for. I hope he picked the right direction at least, I had never seen my Lucario get lost of even confused Lucario feet lick something before, maybe door knobs but Lucario feet lick was just bad explaining on my part. We wouldn't run into anything like that out here though, travelling for about a year now just to find small towns. We where looking for a place to settle Lucario feet lick after both of us got tired of city life, roaming this land was allot more interesting that simply staring in vain at it. Pushing our way through Lucario feet lick trees up a steep hill, we eventually reached the top and had a good look around. Nothing but forest, a few mountains and rolling grassland for miles, there was one stack of smoke coming from a nearby hill but my partner didn't seem that interested by it. Shrugging off the view we kept heading forward, at least the trees thinned out enough to give way to an expanse of grassland. Naughty america nude Feet lick Lucario.

Raising the Lucario feet lick straight to my face, I went for the smell first. This one smelt allot stronger than it's partner and Lucario feet lick had more mass to it, being that this was Lucario's main kicking foot I made sure to pay it even more attention.

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With my thumbs busy Lucario feet lick with his digits I went for Lucario feet lick main pad, allot like last time but only now had I began to crave the wanting attention of my partner. He of course wasted no time in rubbing his thick veiny shaft, and also teasing his already swelling knot. Not even 10 seconds had passed, Lucario feet lick even enough to get even a single drop of pre to spurt out, when Lucario heard a loud whooshing in the sky. This whooshing was soon followed by a loud crash, as well as the sound of debris falling back down to the ground.

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These sounds peaked his curiosity, that and his fapping mood was kind of killed anyway, so he decided to investigate what had caused this ruckus. A few minutes of traversing through the forest he happened upon a small crater, and in the center of the crater was a small meteorite. As though being drawn to it he ambled down into the small crater to get a better look at the meteorite. And Lucario feet lick it was, it was roughly the size of a football, and even had an oval Lucario feet lick to it.

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Now Lucario was partially a Steel type, and as such he was able to eat and digest metals, and it just so happened that this meteorite was made of metal.

Now this Lucario could eat most any metal, and each one had their own unique Lucario feet lick. Testing each type of metal was something Lucario enjoyed doing as he was somewhat of Lucario feet lick connoisseur of metal tastes. He licked his maw as he could not wait to at least give this Lucario feet lick a taste, so after brushing off the dirt and other debris he gave it Lucario feet lick quick lick.

Unbeknownst to him this metal had amazing properties to it, not dangerous or radioactive, but something Adelgazar 30 kilos better. Lucario had to step back for a moment as he felt a tingling sensation in his cock, it was as though an orgasm was shooting through it.

Then before his eyes he could see his large cock begin Lucario feet lick swell, with each pulse another few inches was being added to it. The pleasure he was feeling was so intense that he had to lay down and arch his back. His one and a half foot long cock soon Lucario feet lick in size, and surged one last time causing his cock to be as long as he was tall, with balls to match even.

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Lucario could hardly believe it, his cock had become huge! He then thought to himself, "If one lick caused my cock to become this Lucario feet lick, what would happen if I ate more of this meteorite? Eating a chunk of metal like an apple was not the most desirable thing to Lucario. His favorite thing to do with chunks Lucario feet lick metal was to melt it down and turn it into either ingots which could be eaten like candy bars, or into ball bearings that could be eaten like small candies.

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